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                                           Could your Business use a 32% Boost?

Our business can help you do exactly that!

Writing Proposals is time consuming…and sometimes it feels like a crap shoot whether you are going to win the contract or not. Frustration with lost time and energy can sap the momentum out of a company. Imagine getting excited about writing proposals instead of dreading the process…After all, you just want the opportunity to sell what your company does.

Mindwalk Business Coaching has mastered the art of writing successful proposals. We work only with clients who provide creative design services, so we understand every aspect of what you do.

That’s how we developed our Pump Up Your Proposals Business Coaching program that can help you boost your design firm business by an average of 32%. 

How do we do this? By spending time on-site, in a series of ½ day reviews where we analyze past proposals and identify exactly how to make them persuasive so your success rate skyrockets!

We will prepare a customized report, proposal checklist and template to ensure that every future proposal you submit contains those elements that successful proposals require. That means that you don’t miss key information, your proposals are more persuasive…and can be prepared much faster.

As a final confidence-builder, we will review one proposal during the 6-month period after you start using your customized template and checklist and make sure you have a strong, persuasive proposal before it is submitted.

You get all of this with our Pump Up Your Proposals Coaching service:

· Face-to-Face Service from our Business Coach. You won’t have to leave the office

· A Custom Template and Proposal Checklist 

· A Personal Coach Review for a subsequent proposal before it is submitted

Here is what a current client says about us:

“The coaching program was the best money we’ve ever spent. The new proposal template we developed with the Mindwalk coach helped us win five new web design projects, and at a great 

price! I don’t think we would have won those contracts without Mindwalk!”—S. Bolton, Creative Web Design, Denver CO


We are so confident that we can improve your proposal WIN RATE that we’re offering a FREE trial session. Call us at 1-800-555-1212 or Click on the button below so we can arrange your FREE 30-minute telephone coaching session.